careers in gis

INTERNSHIPS: Through our industry partnerships, students have an unprecedented number of opportunities to develop their Geographic Information Systems knowledge and application, workplace behavior, and communication skills. High school students who have completed the certification can begin their careers as entry level GIS Technicians starting at a $17 per hour rate!


A certificate in GIS opens doors to a variety of careers. A GIS certificate can be used in science, CAD, enterprise systems, servers, mobile data and cartography.

There are already countless industries that use GIS. Precision agriculture, satellite farming or site specific crop management utilize drones to determine what areas need to be fertilized resulting in a major cost savings. National retail chains use GIS to determine where to open a new franchise; police use it to analyze crime data; transit systems use it to plot bus routes; even farmers use GIS tools to plan what crops to plant and where.

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Employers hire our students because they have the necessary skills to do the job! We work closely with our industry partners to ensure that our students are learning the skills needed in today's competitive workplace. In addition to learning technical skills, students will also learn Employability essentials, the skills and behaviors employers need in the workplace.

Our students learn to:

ADAPT TO CHANGE - Anticipate changes and positively respond to them.

THINK CRITICALLY AND CREATIVELY -Apply independent and rigorous reasoning that leads to informed decisions, innovation and personal empowerment.

WORK COLLABORATIVELY - Work collaboratively with others to complete tasks, solve problems, analyze, provide information and offer solutions.

COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY AND RESPECTFULLY - Apply appropriate writing, speaking and listening skills across various settings to engage diverse audiences and solve complex problems through visual interpretation.